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The Industry Leaders of Simulation Technology

We are the leader of world-class, innovative driver simulators. Our development in training programs complement our systems and provide a user experience that is unparalleled. Add our training concepts and data system, and you have a complete training process in a singular location. Train driver-operators of all levels from entry-level to advanced. Awaken instinctive driver behavior that enables constant journey management safety for drivers. We believe in “Building Better Drivers,” not just delivering hardware.


Sim-Tech delivers real training results to clients looking for more than common forms of user experience in training. We are the leader in advanced technology, training concepts, and deliver them through many different designs in virtual reality. We are different in that we listen to our customers needs, and deliver training consistent with their work field, and we do it better than anyone else. Continual development through thousands of students and experiences from our parent company Excel Driver Services have enabled us to design, build and deliver systems that are the most advanced, create engaging experiences that drivers can use in the real world.

In addition, we believe in simplicity for the user experience- our systems are easy to use, develop, and customize- and we build systems that are durable, fully mobile capable, and have longevity. Our virtual-reality simulators will impact your training, shorten training time, provide situation awareness to your drivers that you simply cannot perform any other way, and most importantly, WE DELIVER RESULTS. There are many ways to invest in your safety needs; Let Sim-Tech show you how we can provide you with a product that improves safety and results with our custom-designed training platforms.

Digital Twin Vehicles

Realistic and Immersive Digital Twin Vehicles

Each driving simulator is configured to meet your vehicle’s physics standards and exact training requirements. Digital Twin vehicles are configured specifically to meet the vehicle’s standard acceleration, center of gravity, braking capabilities and physical space.

Each digital twin vehicle has it’s own unique physics and dynamics. After selecting your digital twin vehicle model(s), the vehicle’s physics and dynamics are adjustable to meet the specifications of your physical equipment. 

Scale To Your Needs

Small, Medium or Large

Driving Simulator Series is the marriage between your available classroom space, and the footprint of the simulator system. Each Driving Simulator Series comes equipped with its own standard package, ranging from Neo Series to Omega Series. Depending on allowable classroom space and training requirements, we provide instructors and leaders with the tools to train and engage with learners in the most efficient way possible.

No Space, No Problem. If your allocated training space is not what you envision, mobile classrooms is your solution for a 100% mobile training environment. 

Consistently travel from location to location with the assurance that your training time is maximized. When integrated with our Online Training Package, learners will have the luxury of arriving to class in an organized manner, and keep all documents accessible through our online Drive Prodigy learning management system (LMS).